Summer Term Schedule

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4:30-5:30  Foundational Ballet

5:30-7:00  Youth and Adult Ballet A

7:00-8:00  Pointe

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4:30-6:00  Artistry and the Dancer

6:00-7:00. Youth and Adult Flamenco

7:00-8:00 Youth and Adult  Bellydance

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3:30-4:30  Musical Theatre Jazz

4:30-5:30  Tap

5:30-6:30. Modern & Contemporary

6:30-8:00  Youth & Adult Ballet B


Summer time is the perfect time to enjoy dance for fun, community and fitness!  Our 4-week summer session offers the option of drop-in or term enrolment to make scheduling around vacation or other plans a breeze.  Classes are open to all abilities and experience levels, so trying something new is relaxed and joyful.  Multiple class options at each level make it easy for dancers to maintain their conditioning and technique throughout the summer.  Private lesson slots are available in the Summer Term; please contact us to arrange scheduling.

Summer class descriptions are below; schedule may change, subject to enrolment.  



Offers dancers aged 8 to 12 the opportunity to explore and consolidate the technical and artistic foundations of classical ballet in the Russian Classical Style.  This class provides an excellent introduction for students who are new to ballet, and allows students with beginning ballet training the opportunity to prepare for intermediate work. Dancers of all abilities are welcome; modifications and variations of exercises will be given to suit all skill and experience levels.  Class includes traditional barre, centre and across-the-floor work.

Instructor:  Melissa Mahady Wilton


Offers dancers aged 13+ the opportunity to explore the elegance and refinement of the Russian Classical style, via true ballet training that develops strength, flexibility, musicality and artistry beyond a barre class. Dancers of all abilities are welcome; modifications and variations of exercises will be given to suit all skill levels. Less experienced dancers will focus on foundational technique, whereas intermediate and advanced dancers will be given more challenging technical work. Class includes traditional barre, centre and across-the-floor with supplemental conditioning work.

Instructor:  Melissa Mahady Wilton


Offers dancers with previous pointe training the opportunity to maintain and expand strength and technique via barre, centre and across-the-floor work.  Dancers at all levels of pointe training are welcome; exercises will be modified to meet the needs of differing skill and experience levels. Dancers will have the opportunity to learn classical variations appropriate to their level.

PLEASE NOTE:  Participation in Pointe is at the discretion of the instructor. Dancers must be a minimum age of 11 years old, and have prior pointe training to join this class.. Dancers joining The Conservatory who have begun pointe training elsewhere will be assessed to determine their level. Dancers enrolled in Pointe must take ballet class prior, to properly  prepare for the demands of pointework.

Instructor:  Melissa Mahady Wilton


Offers dancers aged 13+ the unique opportunity to enrich and expand their dance artistry via guided discovery of character development and the exploration of their personal, authentic artistic expression. Dancers will have the joy of delving into dance history, repertoire, acting, mime, port de bras, line, etc., to understand the context and evolution of choreographic traditions, and to refine their own unique movement signatures. This relaxed, playful class is suitable for youth and adults with a broad range of experience levels, including beginners. Dancers will grow as storytellers and artists.

Instructor:  Anthea Morgan


Offers dancers 13+ the chance to explore the unique rhythms, styles, and structured improvisations of the dances of southern Spain. Dancers will focus on palmas (hand clapping), zapateado (footwork), filigrana (arm and hand movements) and marking or danced steps; including sevillanas (the social dances of southern Spain). Youth and Adult Flamenco builds upon foundations to introduce and refine more advanced work, including exploring the families of flamenco, learning to play and dance with castanets, abanicos (fans), mantones (shawls), canes and/or the bata de cola dress (long train). Dancers with different experience levels will be given variations suitable to their needs.

Instructor:  Anthea Morgan


Offers dancers aged 11+ the unique opportunity to explore the Musical Theatre genre in a jazz-based workshop. Classes will explore jazz technique to emphasize safe, strong movement for dancers; including warm up, stretch, jazz barre, traveling steps, jumps and turns in the concert-dance or Broadway theatrical jazz style. Dancers will also have the opportunity to explore dance and dramatic characterization and styles of choreography from the musical theatre canon, so that they can become comfortable with the genre, its history, choreographers, and signature movement styles.

Instructor:  Sam Crosby


Offers dancers aged 11+ a rhythm-based class for people with happy feet!  Do you ever catch yourself tapping your feet to the music in a grocery store? Unable to keep still when a good beat comes on? Tap is perfect for anyone who wants to explore a new style of dance, dancers who have been away from the style for a while, actors wanting to add a new skill to their resume or experienced tappers wanting to build their skill base! Dancers will focus on building tap technical skills, rhythm and movement dynamics, as well as learning short combinations of choreography to have fun and put our new dance skills into practice.  

Instructor:  Sam Crosby 


Offers dancers aged 13+ the opportunity to explore dance in the classical Egyptian style.  Students will be introduced to the foundations of Egyptian belly dance often known as Raqs Sharqi. This ancient dance form focuses on the articulation of the hips and torso by learning to isolate different muscles groups. Belly dance explores both percussive and fluid movements that are used to accentuate the music. This empowering dance form will give you the opportunity to joyfully connect with others while learning to strengthen and enhance how your body intuitively moves and flows.  Dancers may work with traditional props such as veils.

Instructor:  Danielle McTaggart


Offers dancers aged 11+ the opportunity to the explore the tenets of of Limon (Modern), Contemporary and Contact Improvisation skills and techniques. This class focuses on the movement of breath through the body, the dynamic use of weight in body parts and the fluid succession of one movement into the next. Dancers will investigate expansive movement dynamics, balance, transition, isolations, weight sharing/transfer and partnering.  Modern and contemporary dance extend  beyond classical technique, and  contact improvisation blends partnering through trust, balance and awareness.

Instructor:  Sam Crosby

Looking for other dance styles not yet on the schedule?   Drop us a note!  

We are open to offer additional classes with sufficient interest, and are happy to maintain a waiting list for programming requests.