Our Health and Safety Protocols

The health and safety of our Conservatory community is paramount to us!  We follow strict health and safety protocols based on current science and Health Unit recommendations.  Our practices reflect the highest standard of care. Together, we are all stronger.



  • Classes are scheduled avoid cohort overlap, with specific drop-off and pick-up times.

  • Families will not be permitted to wait in-studio.

  • Young Dancers/First Steps students will attend with a single, trusted adult who can assist with entrance/exit, clothing, masks washrooms and distancing.  Adults are not required to participate in class.

  • Class sizes are limited to reflect dancers' developmental stages and ensure distancing.

  • Livestream classes will be offered for those unable to attend in-studio.


  • Dancers must complete a symptom/risk-factor screening form and infrared temperature check prior to class.

  • Dancers with symptoms or risk factors will NOT be permitted in-studio.


  • Dancers are REQUIRED to notify The Conservatory if they (or any member of their household) have tested positive for COVID-19 or are reasonably suspected of being positive. The Conservatory will immediately notify any community members who have been in contact with positive/suspected individuals utilizing the Contract Tracing feature in our Classroom Manager attendance software.


  • Dancers will be required to sanitize hands at studio entrance/exit, as well as after washroom use or any activity where contamination might reasonably occur.


  • Masks are required at all times. Dancers may wish to bring a second mask as backup.


  • Dancers and instructors will remain distanced at all times, and will have a minimum of a 6'x12' individually marked dance space -- in most cases they will have at least double this space.

  • Use of dance spaces will be staggered for maximum distancing and safe movement.

  • Programs will be taught without contact.



  • Dancers must arrive in their dance clothes with a minimum of personal items.  Changing on-site will not be permitted.

  • Dancers should eat well before class. Eating on-site will not be permitted.

  • Please bring a personal water bottle.  Loaning or sharing water bottles will not be permitted.

  • Barres will be limited to one dancer and disinfected after every use.  No other equipment will be used in class.

  • Dancers will be provided with gloves and/or a clean microfibre cloth upon entry, for use as a barrier when holding disinfectant spray, cleaning their barre, etc.  When exiting, dancers will deposit their cloths into a clean wet/dry bag for removal and disinfecting.

  • Interior doors will be kept open to avoid touch.


  • All hard surfaces (coat hooks, boot trays, benches railings, washroom fixtures, etc.) will be disinfected after use with Dr. Thyme (DIN:  02498669), a sustainable, biodegrable, non-toxic, non-irritating, food grade disinfectant approved by Health Canada.   

  • Floors will be disinfected after every cohort using 70% isopropyl alcohol.


  • Three, HEPA filter, Energy Star-certified air purifiers will run continuously in-studio, purifying the studio space in under 30 minutes.