Theatrical JAZZ AND TAP

Immerse yourself in the choreography of iconic Broadway and film!  Theatrical Jazz  and Tap offer actors the chance to enhance  their musical theatre dance skills, and dancers the chance to interpret diverse roles.  Working within the traditions of classical jazz and tap technique, students of Theatrical Jazz and Tap will learn the signature styles of legends such as Ziegfeld, Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Gene Kelly, Gregory Hines, Jerome Robbins, Bob Fosse, Michael Bennett and Michelle Dorrance.  From West Side Story, to Mary Poppins, Chicago, A Chorus Line,  Mamma Mia!, Annie, Grease and more, dancers will polish their performance quality, characterization and technical skills -- jazz hands, everyone!


Dancers new to Theatrical Jazz will concentrate on foundational jazz technique, including travelling steps, small jumps and turns, as well as the interpretation of age-appropriate choreography and characters.  More experienced dancers will learn intermediate and advanced techniques, including extension, multiple turns and leaps. As they progress, dancers will explore excerpts of iconic Broadway choreography, including the characterization of sophisticated roles.

TAPAges 9 +

Building on the basics of tap movements, dancers will learn a variety of dynamics of "colour" and sound, as well as dexterity and clarity. Dancers will also explore the history of tap and its stylistic and performance evolution, systematically progressing from technical foundations and to current rhythmic and STOMP-styling.

NOTE:  These classes require the use of heeled shoes. For safety reasons, they are recommended for dancers with previous training.