Our Mission

Seniors Tendu Derriere Summerhill.jpeg


The Conservatory delivers dance programming distinguished by artistic integrity, transparency and accountability; grounded in the principles of lifelong growth, exploration and development as artists and as people. 


The Conservatory's dance education practices reflect our deep appreciation for sustainability and responsible resource management; cultural authenticity, tradition, sensitivity and evolution; and our responsibility to listen and learn from one another as global caretakers and citizens. The Conservatory stands in solidarity with the BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities, and pledges our commitment to amplifying the voices of marginalized peoples, celebrating their achievements and acknowledging our historical debt to their many, varied, rich and deep, social and cultural contributions.


The Conservatory actively partners with members of our regional community to offer inclusive arts participation, education, performance and outreach experiences as a demonstration of our respect for the inherent dignity and value of all people.  We pledge to offer safe spaces for artistic creation, representation, identity and self-expression.  

All are welcome in The Conservatory's  dance community.