Our sincere thanks for all that you do!

  • H'art Centre

  • The Beek-Tyryshkin Family

  • The Butler Family

  • Sam Crosby

  • Crystal Autumn Day

  • Deb Donaldson

  • Eden Grove Photography

  • Jeanette Floyd-Lombard, Arbonne

  • Holly Garnett, Pretty En Pointe

  • Tony Hicks, The Camera Guy

  • The Hosier Family

  • Mei Jiang and Family 

  • The Laan Family

  • The Lasso Family

  • The Lavigne Family

  • The Leishman Family

  • The Longworth-Scatcherd Family

  • The Mcdonald Family

  • Anthea Morgan, Pat Kennedy

  • The O'Driscoll Family

  • Dana Orr

  • The Perry Family

  • The Tarulli Family

  • True North Photography

  • The Tseng-Farr Family
  • The Wilton Family

The Conservatory truly understands and values that "it takes a village," to support and encourage the development of dance artists.

We are incredibly fortunate to have benefited from the contributions of time, labour, talent, material and financial resources donated by our incredible community members.  Your collective generosity have made possible our Cinderella Box, Leotard Lending Library, Pointe Shoe Fund, Student Bursaries, Snack Stash, logo, costuming, props, facilities and beautiful photography and promotional materials.

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