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Our Program Philosophy

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Every dancer is unique, and contributes their own special qualities to the art of dance.

It is our privilege to offer our students teaching excellence, whether their goals are professional dance or recreational enjoyment.  The Conservatory honours the value of each dancer as a person and as an artist.  We believe that an environment of inclusivity and community engagement best allows dancers to discover the joys and possibilities of dance, so that they can share their gifts with the world. 

The Conservatory offers the finest in dance pedagogy, combined with the latest knowledge in dance science/medicine and education; a system of dance education used by the world’s foremost pre-professional and professional companies.  We are proud Institutional Members of  the International Dance Council (CID), DanceSafe Ontario and DanseMedica.

This approach is the underpinning for all of our dance instruction: with technical and cultural knowledge as our foundation, enhanced by recent advances in anatomy, kinesiology, sports imagery and injury prevention. We offer flexible, developmentally-sensitive, scientifically-informed dance training using an approach and expertise that are unique in the Kingston region.

The Conservatory's ballet program is grounded in the Russian classical style, and taught according to the tenets of the Vaganova Method, which is grounded in the physics of movement, biomechnical safety and efficiency.  Dancers trained in this manner are distinguished by their technical strength, stylistic versatility, artistic authenticity, musicality and emotionally expressive performance.

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Instructors at The Conservatory are trained child development and dance pedagogy professionals.  

Our staff  reach beyond steps and exercises to educate dancers about their bodies and the rich artistic legacies of dance. Our goal is not to create replication or uniformity, but to encourage a breadth and depth of dance training that gives students the tools to develop their unique identities as dancers.  Rather than rely on prescribed exercises at each level, our classes are dynamic and tailored to the needs of dancers; this allows us to approach learning goals in multiple ways, to meet students’ diverse learning needs and to keep training fresh and challenging. Staff engage in regular professional development to ensure that our skills and knowledge of dance education best practices are continually growing and expanding, so that we can offer the highest standard of dance education.

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