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Conservatory Performances and Outreach 

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The Conservatory is dedicated to making the arts accessible for the enjoyment, enrichment and education of all community members, irrespective of age, ability, race, ethnicity, gender identity or socioeconomic status.  


Our dancers are delighted to share their artistry with the community.

We are frequent performers at festivals, senior residences, schools and community centres, and at events like Culture Days, Family Day, International Dance Day and Kingston Pride. 

We offer performances and cultural engagement services on a no-cost or donation basis.  

We believe that finances should not be a barrier to sharing dance with our community.


June 22nd, 2024:  The Conservatory community presents our annual gala performance, Becoming, featuring the collaborative works of our dance community (aged three through adult), as they showcase their growth and artistry.  We invite you to come celebrate the journey of discovery as dancers explore the gifts that reside in the collective power of community, in the world around us, and within each of us.  Location:  The Kingston Grand Theatre, Regina Rosen Auditorium.  


The Conservatory was thrilled to invite the entire Kingston community for a celebration of courage, kindness, love -- and a whole lot of magic -- at our gala performance Happily Ever After, at the Grand Theatre.  This family-friendly, inclusive performance was presented by Conservatory dance artists of all ages and abilities, and culminated in a presentation of the full-length fairytale ballet, Cinderella.  Audience members were transported to a land of tiny dancing pumpkins, mischievous mice, brave bluebirds, winged horses, regal princesses and noble fairies who helped Cinderella to see that she had all the magic she needed right inside.  Enjoy this clip from Cinderella, courtesy of Tony Hicks, to see the the wonder, beauty, joy and friendship that The Conservatory shares with the community.


The Conservatory is pleased to offer dance outreach, education and engagement experiences, such as Ballet Behind the Scenes talks, lectures, demonstrations, classes, interactive dance events and community workshops for all ages and abilities.  

For example, in Ballet Behind the Scenes, we peek behind the curtain into the magical world of ballet and its timeless fairytale classics, such as CinderellaThe Nutcracker and The Snow Maiden.  Join us as we journey to magical lands full of Waltzing Flowers and Dancing Snow to watch enchanted characters like the Fairy Godmother, Cinderella, Prince  and Sugar Plum Fairy perform.  We'll invite you join in the fun as we learn and perform together choreography from  these iconic ballets, like the lively Candy Canes or Mice dances!


Dancers of every age have their wishes come true, as they try on professional costumes and have their pictures taken with ballerinas and danseurs from The Conservatory. Community members can also explore how pointe shoes are made, try on tiaras, make ballet-themed crafts and enjoy the wonder of dance.  Conservatory community events are always a huge hit with all adults and kids alike!

A Golden Childhood
A Family's Sorrow
Hope for a New Family
A Cold Heart
A Cold Shoulder
A Cold Mind
The Unkindness of Strangers
Courage, Kindness, Love and Magic
You Have All You Need Inside
A Visit from Friends
Luciefleur's Folly
Brave Bluebirds
An Invitation to the Ball
Lady Tremaine is Thrilled
Anastasia Anticipates
Drusella is Delighted
The Dance Tutors Arrive
Please May I Go?
A Dress and A Dream Destroyed
We' re Off to the Ball
Without Hope
The Fairy of Kindness Arrives
You Are Not Alone
The Fairy of Love Arrives
Love Lives Within Forever
The Fairy of Courage Arrives
It's Time to be Brave
The Fairy Godmother Arrives
Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo, Time for Magic!
Even the tiniest creatures...
Have important jobs to do!
Although we are little...
Our Magic is Big!
We'll help you go to the ball --
Just Watch!
Come help!
Cinderella needs us!
Mice are summoned to Winged Horses
Winged horses soar!
Awaiting the Princess
Your carriage awaits, Cinderella!
Winged Horses prepare to fly!
Winged Horses aloft!
Off to the Ball
Princesses Of Neighbouring Kingdoms
Valse Royale
Queens of Distant Lands
Valse Champagne
The Prince is Coming
The Tremaines Await the Prince
Greeting Prince Charming
Drusella Pops the Question
A Seat Among Friends
Thank You for the Invitation
Moonlight and Mystery
Who is She?
Valse d'Amour
Kindness Anew
A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes
Courage in Flight
Looking to the Future
A Magical Partnership
So This is Love
A Leap of Faith
Searching the Kingdom
Open Your Eye to What is Before You
A New Beginning
And They All Lived...
Happily Ever After
Even The Pumpkins!
The End

 Experience the wonder of a Conservatory community performance with this beautiful sneak peek at our original ballet, Cinderella.  Just click on any photo for a close-up!


We are pleased to offer sensory-friendly performances to those with sensitivities, and will also perform in non-traditional dance and community spaces.  


Our sincere thanks to Eden Grove Photography for documenting the generosity and artistry of our wonderful dancers. With Courage, Kindness and Love, you can truly create Magic!

As artists, we are also committed to ongoing artistic   growth, professional development and creative exploration.


We are eager to partner with other like-minded artists to create original programming and performance works that foster the growth of the arts in our region.

Want to learn more about working with The Conservatory, hosting an education and outreach event, or having us perform for your group?


Please reach out to us using the details on our Contact page,

or by clicking the button below.  


Let's explore how we can share the joy of dance together!

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