Modern and Contemporary Dance

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Dancers will be introduced to the foundational skills of Limon (Modern), Contemporary and Contact Improvisation techniques. This class focuses on a combination of movement of breath through the body, the dynamic use of weight in each body part and the fluid succession of one movement into the next. Modern and contemporary dance extend and expand beyond classical techniques, and contact improvisation blends movement partnering through trust, balance and awareness.


Dancers will progress to the exploration of intermediate and advanced Limon (Modern), Contemporary and Contact Improvisation skills and techniques. This class will offer challenging and expansive investigation of movement dynamics, balance, transition, isolations, weight sharing/transfer and partnering.

All Modern and Contemporary dance students will engage in monthly goal-setting and reflection to play an interactive role in guiding and supporting their development as dance artists.

Enjoy this performance of Tremors, presented as part of our 2020-21 gala, Ad Astra.  This piece was choreographed by instructor

Sam Crosby, in conjunction with the dance artists of the Youth and Adult Modern and Contemporary class. 

Videographer:  Tony Hicks, The Camera Guy; 2021.  All Rights Reserved.