Conservatory Choreographic Collective

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The Conservatory Choreographic Collective offers dancers ages 13+ the opportunity to develop their skills as emergent dance artists and choreographers in a mentored workshop setting.  This class is offered free of charge to any registered Conservatory student in good standing in Level IV classes and above, as an opportunity to  foster and expand their technical skills and artistic voices without the burden of a financial barrier to training.  Students in the Collective collaborate to create and perform original works for public performance, such as The Juvenis Festival, Culture Days, etc., as well learn pieces from legendary contemporary dancer Peggy Baker's Choreographic Trust.

The Conservatory Choreographic Collective reflects our commitment to sponsoring the excellence, enrichment and engagement of our community's next generation of dance artists and creators;  we are proud to be the first to offer this type of program in our region.

In 2019, the Conservatory Choreographic Collective was chosen by the Juvenis Youth Arts Festival to create and present Transmogrification, an original, multi-disciplinary hour-length work of dance, poetry, music, visual art and videography that they independently conceived, curated, directed and presented in a 5-performance run at the Box Theatre.  Based on the definition of the noun - the change, great alteration, or otherwise transformation, of an entity, including in a surprising, magical, grotesque, humorous or unpredicted manner - the cast chose the title as they believe Transmogrification is an accurate description of life’s journey and the process of artistic creation. 


Transmogrification told the transformative stories of its teenage cast over the course of a year. In creating the work, the Collective aimed to create an outlet for artists marginalized by youth, as they provided participants complete artistic control over how their stories were shared. The creation of Transmogrification involved the work over 60 Kingston youth dance, visual art, literary, musical and spoken word artists.  Performers offered the following dedication:

To art lovers, self-assured beings, curious minds, individuals who laugh when the time does not call for it, shower criers, strong women, solo dance partners, creative youth, and those in the midst of transforming, this series is dedicated to you. 

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During the 2020-21 season the members of the Choreographic Collective actively demonstrated how the beauty of the arts lies in the strength of humanity to persist, adapt, bear witness and share even in the most challenging of times.  In the midst of a pandemic and mandated quarantine, Collective dancers workshopped with one another and mentor Courteny Green to create, In This Shirt.  This moving, inspirational piece evolved out of improvisation, and is a testament to collaboration, resiliency and the endurance of dance.  

Videographer:  Tony Hicks, The Camera Guy; 2021.  All Rights Reserved.