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Ballet technique

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Age ranges are approximate; progression will be based entirely on merit for safety reasons.  Class placement is at the sole discretion of instructors.

BALLET I:  Ages 7-8 

For students progressing from Young Dancer I and II or students with minimal training. Technique class for younger dancers to emphasize ballet foundational work.

BALLET II:  Ages 9-10 

Technique class for youth ballet dancers with 2 or more years continuous ballet training, or beginner class for older youth.  Focus is on consolidating technical foundations to prepare for intermediate work.  Two ballet technique classes per week are recommended to enhance progress.

BALLET III:  Ages 11-12 

Technical class for students with solid foundational technique, ready to move to an intermediate level of difficulty and pre-pointe training (based upon student interest and instructor approval).  Two ballet classes per week are required to progress consistently.

BALLET IV: Ages 13-14+ 

Class for students with solid technique at the intermediate level of difficulty and beginning pointe experience (based upon student readiness and approval of the instructor).  Two ballet classes per week are required to progress consistently.


BALLET V: Ages 14+ 

Technique for students working at an intermediate-advanced level with intermediate-advanced pointe experience (if applicable).  Two ballet classes per week are required to progress consistently, and three or more are recommended.


BALLET VI:  Ages 14+ 

Technique for students working at an advanced level with advanced pointe experience (if applicable).  Two ballet classes per week are required to progress consistently, and three or more are recommended.  Ballet VI may be combined with Repertoire class to offer a holistic classroom experience focused on both technique and artistry for the advanced or pre-professional dancer.


This class is a combined advanced beginner to intermediate level class, and offers students the opportunity to consolidate the technical and artistic foundations of classical ballet in the Russian Classical Style.  This class provides an excellent introduction to ballet for older students, and allows younger students who have completed beginning ballet training the opportunity to prepare for intermediate work by providing a second technique class each week.



Technique class open to members of Ballet Company Class (including those in Ballet III), and students enrolled in Ballet IV, V, or VI.  Technique at an intermediate-advanced level with pointe experience (if applicable). Beyond traditional technique, Ballet Company Technique exposes students to the latest knowledge in kinesiology, dance medicine and sports psychology to deepen their understanding of their bodies as physical instruments.  Students learn to apply basic principles of anatomy and physics to enhance performance and prevent injury.  Visualization, myofascial release and internationally renowned dance conditioning methods such as Progressing Ballet Technique are taught to improve strength, alignment and flexibility.  Tools such as slow-motion video are utilized to allow students to dissect and optimize technique.  Concentrated time is spent mastering skills such as jumps, turns, and partnering.  Students are encouraged to bring questions to class for focused study.  This class is strongly recommended for Ballet Company members as a warm-up and preparation for choreography in Ballet Company, and to fulfill one of their required two weekly ballet technique classes. Pointe II/III students may take this class in pointe shoes.



Offers teenagers and adults the opportunity to explore the elegance and refinement of the Vaganova style, via true ballet training that develops strength, flexibility, musicality and artistry beyond a barre class. Dancers of all abilities are welcome; modifications and variations of exercises will be given to suit differing skill and experience levels.  Youth and Adult Ballet I is recommended for dancers with no previous ballet training, dancers with limited training or dancers returning to ballet after a long absence.  This class will focus on building clean foundational alignment and technique in a 60-minute class.  This class is also suitable for experienced dancers looking to build strength and refine their technique (e.g., extensions, turnout, rotations) and can include pre-pointe and pointework where appropriate to dancers' training.  Youth and Adult Ballet II is recommended for dancers with previous training, and will offer progressively challenging intermediate and advanced work in a 90-minute class. Both Youth and Adult Ballet I and II include traditional barre, centre and across-the-floor, as well as dance conditioning using leading methods such as Progressing Ballet Technique.  All Youth and Adult classes offer dancers the opportunity to participate in performances should they wish.


Semi-private and private coaching are available to students of aged 8 years and above by arrangement with instructors, and subject to scheduling availability.  Coaching may be used to assist students in their progress towards a variety of goals, including preparation for auditions, performances, competitions, technical development and/or artistic growth.  

Ballet technique classes form the foundation of ballet training, as dancers explore the movements that form the vocabulary and poetry of ballet. 


Dancers learn the biomechanics and rationale behind ballet’s technical elements.  Syllabus content builds progressively within and across levels to provide continuous growth and challenge.


Dancers learn about the rich cultural and stylistic traditions of ballet, to inform their development as dance artists.


Dancers should expect to remain in each level for approximately two years; new content will be covered each year.  


Pre-Pointe, Pointe, Repertoire and Ballet Company programming are described in their own sub-menus under Classes, as these are specialty technique and choreography-based classes.  

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