Fall/Winter Term Schedule



3:30-5:00   Ballet V         

5:00-6:00   Pointe II/III   

6:15-7:15       Ballet II 

7:15-8:15       Private Lesson 



3:30-5:00   Conservatory Company Technique     

5:00-6:00   Conservatory Ballet Company 

6:15-7:15       Ballet I

7:15-8:15       Private Lesson    


3:30-4:15   Conservatory Choreographic Collective 

4:15-5:45    Youth and Adult Contemporary

6:00-7:00  Foundational Contemporary

7:15-8:15      Tap



4:00-5:00   Theatrical Jazz        

5:00-6:00   Foundational  Ballet

6:15-7:45      Youth and Adult Ballet


3:30-5:00   Ballet IV       

5:00-6:00  Pointe I/II  

6:15-7:45     Ballet III

7:45-8:15     Pre-Pointe




9:00-9:45     Young Dancers I

10:15-11:00    Young Dancers II  

11:25-12:10     Young Dancers Designated Cohort

12:30-2:30   Open Ballet IV-VI and Repertoire

3:00-4:00    Youth and Adult Flamenco

4:00-5:00    Spanish Classical    

Welcome to Our 2020-2021 Season!

We are thrilled to be able to offer our community an extensive selection of dance training options. To learn more about our programs, full class descriptions are provided by dance style in the Classes sub-menus.


The health and safety of our dancers is paramount to us!  We follow best practices in screening, masking, distancing and disinfection protocols for our in-studio classes, and offer secure livestream options for dancers who want at-home training. Classes are scheduled to: 1) maintain consistency with past timetables; 2) stagger cohort entrances/exits; and 3) fully disinfect the studio between each cohort.


To learn more about The Conservatory's detailed Health and Safety Protocols, click here:

Private lessons are available upon request.

Please contact us directly to arrange a time.  

We are delighted to work with dancers to assist them in the achievement of their dance goals. 

Looking for dance styles not on the schedule?  

Drop us a note!  We are open to offering additional programs with sufficient interest, and are happy to maintain a waiting list.


Registration for Term I opens in August,

and is ongoing through January.  

Registration for Term II opens in December, 

and is ongoing through February. 

Registration for Summer Term opens in May, and is ongoing through July.

Fees are prorated for late-term registrants.


Term I Classes begin September 7th, 2020.

Term II Classes begin February 8th, 2021.

For ease of planning, The Conservatory generally adheres to the schedule of local school boards.  No classes with be held during statutory holidays or school vacation breaks.  Classes will run through Saturday prior to the December and March Breaks.  Regularly scheduled classes take place on P.A. days.