Flamenco, Spanish Classical and Latin

The Conservatory is delighted to announce Flamenco and Spanish Classical programs that were previously offered through Co-Artistic Director Anthea Morgan's 1000 Islands Flamenco have now been integrated with The Conservatory.

Flamenco is the music, song, and dance of Andalucía in southern Spain.  It is a cultural crossroads of great diversity; influenced by the migration of the Roma from India to Spain, it encompasses elements of Kathak/Indian, Roma, Middle Eastern, North African, Celtic, Mediterranean, Latin and Iberian cultures. Its song and rhythms also include elements of four world religions; Hindu, Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. Traditional flamenco continues to evolve through creative expression of contemporary themes.

We hope that you will join us to explore the joy, colour and expression of this UNESCO World Heritage Culture.  We are thrilled to be able to offer a unified and seamless dance experience that truly celebrates dance as a community.

The Conservatory offers several levels of training in Flamenco and Spanish Classical, including a wonderful inclusive dance class for caregivers and families with young children.  


FAMILY FLAMENCO:  Ages 2-6, accompanied by adults

Classes introduce basic flamenco dances and rhythms.  Classes may also feature Spanish classical dance, castanets, fans, shawls, canes, flamenco drum, Sevillanas and other Spanish folk dances.  We are presently maintaining a Wait List for Family Flamenco; we are happy to offer this class with sufficient demand.  Contact us if you are interested!


This class features the unique rhythms, styles, and structured improvisation characteristic of the dances of southern Spain. Dancers will focus on palmas (hand clapping rhythms), zapateado (percussive footwork), filigrana (circling arm and hand movements) and marking or danced steps; including sevillanas (the social dances of southern Spain, danced solo, paired, or in groups). Youth and Adult Flamenco builds upon foundations to introduce and refine more advanced work, including exploring the families of flamenco, learning to play and dance with castanets, abanicos (fans), mantones (shawls), canes and/or the bata de cola dress (long train).  Dancers with different experience levels will be given progressions and variations suitable to their needs.


An introduction to a beautiful form of classical dance for teens and adults.  Spanish Classical developed concurrently with ballet culture, and that evolved into a unique form distinguished by use of castanets, shawls (mantones), fans (abanicos and pericons) and dresses with long trains (bata de cola).  Spanish Classical is danced to Spanish classical music and utilizes steps that are grounded in ballet, flamenco and Spanish folk dance traditions.

LATIN DANCE:  Ages 15 +

Explore the beauty, exuberance and flair of Latin dance in the International Ballroom Style!  Dancers will learn foundational technique, patterns and performance styles of dances such as the merengue, salsa, bachata, cha-cha, tango, samba and rhumba.

No partner is required.  We are presently maintaining a Wait List for Family Flamenco; we are happy to offer this class with sufficient demand.  Contact us if you are interested!