Training and Conditioning

SAFE® FLOOR:  Ages 13+

In Canada, USA, Europe and Asia, high level dancers, athletes and the general public are unanimous in their feedback: the SAFE® FLOOR method is an extraordinary solution to rapidly transform muscle tone and elasticity, with strong therapeutic and scientifically-approved impacts. Using smooth, dynamic and prolonged movements that wind and unwind around your spine and central nervous system, your fascia are constantly massaged from the inside. This is where magic begins: through gliding, these connective tissues self-produce collagen, elastin, and proteoglycans -- proteins that build strength, elasticity and muscular hydration with long-lasting effects. Whatever your age and level are, SAFE® FLOOR unleashes the same neuromuscular resources.


Melissa MAHADY WILTON was trained and certified to Levels I and II by Mr. Alexandre Munz himself, the multi-awarded creator of the SAFE® FLOOR method, former Principal Soloist of the Berlin Opera Ballet trained at the Paris Opera Ballet. Melissa is the fourth coach certified in Canada and first certified outside Québec.  For more information, visit:

NOTE:  Due to its spiralling, compressive movements, SAFE® FLOOR is not suitable for pregnant women.